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Foods That Lower Blood Pressure Secrets

Every year on 17th May the World Hypertension Day is celebrated. The purpose of celebrating this day is to make people aware of this disease. Blood pressure or high blood pressure means blood pressure toward the artery walls. This disease may lead to diabetes, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and other problems. The cardiovascular system damages progressively due to high blood pressure. Hypertension is sometimes referred to as a silent assassin, due to no alarming symptoms or signs.  For precisely this reason, it remains unnoticed and untreated for years. In this article, we will learn about foods that lower blood pressure. These are easily available and affordable for everyone.

High blood pressure is very much related to your diet and lifestyles. Excess salt intake, exercise shortage, unhealthy diet, stress, birth control pills, and pain relievers are possible causes of high blood pressure. In such cases, doctors generally prescribe hypertension medication. You can also manage it by trying to change your lifestyles. Home remedies play a major role in decreasing the pressure of the blood. And here we come in. And here we are. Healthy food can play an important part in preventing high blood pressure. However, many fear that bland, unsafe foods and deprivation will be a blood pressure-lowering diet. This is far from the truth. Here’s a list of 10 easy to find foods that lower blood pressure. These foods are delicious, nourishing and healthy and they also minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

10 easy to find foods that lower blood pressure –

Carrot –

foods for hypertension

A carrot may be a cure for hypertension! Carrots have been shown to be high in potassium and beta carotene. It is very effective in the decrease in high blood pressure. Carrot juice helps to keep your blood pressure normal. It maintains your heart and kidney functions.

Spinach –

foods for hypertension

Spinach is so unbelievably nutrient rich that it has several major health benefits. It’s packed with cardiac-healthy nutrients such as potassium, folate, and magnesium that all help to reduce blood pressure. The high content of spinach potassium can counteract the harmful effects of sodium on your blood pressure.

Banana –

foods for hypertension

Two or even one and a half banana could help you lower your blood pressure. Bananas are one of the highest potassium-rich foods. According to a report, blood pressure decreases by 2 to 3 points by eating 1.5 to 2 bananas. Potassium strengthens the function of the kidney and helps the kidney to remove sodium. Potassium helps to relax the walls of the artery.

Oatmeal –

foods for hypertension

Eating a high-fiber and whole-grain diet helps your body keep blood pressure healthy and oatmeal does! It contributes to reducing your both systolic and diastolic pressure. It can also be prepared as a hot cereal and overlaid with fruit or used as pancakes. You can add it to a lot of baked goods too.

Celery –

foods that lower blood pressure

For ages, celery is the trusted medicine of medical practitioners in the treatment of high blood pressure. Research has shown that eating four celery stalks a day can reduce hypertension. It also includes phytochemicals called phthalides. It relaxes the muscle tissue in the walls of the artery, enabling blood flow to increase. As a result, it helps in reducing blood pressure.

Avocado –

foods that lower blood pressure

Avocado oleic acid can decrease high blood pressure and also cholesterol levels. Avocados also contain the necessary potassium and folate for your heart’s health. It also contains A, K, B & E vitamins and fiber loads.

Beetroot –

foods that lower blood pressure

The nitrates of this Crimson root veggie plays an important role in relaxing your blood vessels. It also helps in enhancing blood flow. According to an Australian study in 2012, drinking a glass of beet juice can bring about a five-point drop in blood pressure. In the long term, if you drink it every day, the effect could be even greater. Yes, in a matter of hours beetroot juice will reduce systolic blood pressure.

Watermelon –

foods that lower blood pressure

It includes an l-citrulline amino acid, which has been shown to reduce blood pressure. Watermelon is a cardiac health promotion for fiber, lycopene, vitamin A, and potassium-laden food. All these nutrients have effects that also reduce blood pressure. Fill your diet with this delightful fruit and wait until the magic happens!

Orange –

foods that lowers blood pressure

This super-rich vitamin fruit is another best diet you should eat to reduce the risk of hypertension. Choose an orange juice glass or eat the whole fruit to get the best benefits of vitamin C and fiber.

Sunflower seeds –

foods that lowers blood pressure

Vitamin E, folic acid, protein, and fiber are abundant in sunglasses. Just a few sunflower seeds help reduce your blood pressure and promote the health of your heart. Sunflower seeds also release a peptide which inhibits the body’s production of an enzyme which increases the blood pressure. You should, therefore, start to reduce salt intake and consume sunflower seeds for health promotion.

Lastly, with healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle, high blood pressure can be reduced. The key is nutritious foods and workout that definitely lower blood pressure.

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