benefits of aloe vera

Miraculous Benefits of Aloe Vera

In this post, we will discuss the benefits of aloe vera. It has numerous benefits and it acts as a medicine for more than 53 diseases. Benefits of aloe vera are due to its richness in vitamins, minerals, and anti-bacterial elements present in it. These factors present in it help to combat critical illnesses.

Aloe vera benefits your skin, hair, blood, digestive system, sugar level, cholesterol, heart diseases in short benefits whole body. It acts as an elixir for the human body. If you drink aloe vera juice early in the morning you can get relief from all minor health problems. 

Reap the benefits of aloe vera by planting it in your home –

You should plant aloe vera in the house to reap its benefits. As you would be aware most of the beauty and cosmetics companies use aloe vera in their products. Many people tend to purchase those expensive products instead of planting and using aloe vera at home. Indians are lucky because aloe vera easily grows in India. There is a huge demand for aloe vera in the USA and European countries due to which there is always a scarcity of it. The most important factor about aloe vera is it does not require expensive manure, pesticides, and even water. So it is quite easy to grow and reap the benefits of aloe vera by planting it at home.

benefits of aloe vera

                                                     Uses and benefits

For Hair –

Many people complain of hair breaking and thinning. Nowadays greying of hair starts in younger age for many people. If you face these problems and also if you have dandruff use aloe vera as a remedy for it.

Cut an aloe vera leaf and extract juice from it apply it to your hair and scalp and wait till it dries. If you do this every day then you will see a glow on your hair also other problems like thinning, breaking and dandruff will eventually fade away.

For Digestive Problems –

You can see the benefits of aloe vera in digestive disorders. Problems like constipation, gas, indigestion, bloating can be cured by drinking aloe vera juice. Aloe vera juice is rich in fiber so it is very useful in diarrhea you get immediate relief from it.

For Diabetes –

Aloe vera juice is very beneficial for people having diabetes. Having high sugar level can cause many problems to eyes, kidneys etc. If you drink aloe vera juice empty stomach early in the morning you can easily regulate your sugar level.

For High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol –

Benefits of aloe vera can also be seen in treating high blood pressure and cholesterol problems. If you drink aloe vera juice empty stomach early morning you can get relief to these problems. You can keep your blood pressure and bad cholesterol level under check drinking aloe vera juice. In other words, aloe vera juice keeps your heart healthy.

For Blood Purification –

Blood supplies oxygen and energy to all your body. If due to any reason there is any problem in blood you can face serious health issues. Blood impurities can be thin blood(fewer platelets), anemia, increase in acid levels. Drinking aloe vera juice cures all these problems.

For rotting Organs –

If for any reason the body part starts rotting then it is impossible to treat it. Doctors advise amputation of that particular part. In such case, if you apply aloe vera juice to that part you can observe the organ improving. Applying aloe vera juice to rotting organs for 2 weeks gives amazing results.

For Increasing resistance power –

If you drink aloe vera juice empty stomach daily you can increase your resistance power. Aloe vera is packed with anti-viral and anti-bacterial elements so it helps in fighting various diseases. It strengthens your immune system.

For reducing weight –

As we have already discussed that aloe vera juice eases the process of digestion and heals any digestive disorder. As digestion related process is carried out without any problems there is an increase in energy level of your body. Increased energy reduces the extra fats in your body. If you are trying to lose your weight aloe vera juice is a perfect remedy for you.

For Impotency and sexual diseases –

Benefits of aloe vera are also seen in the treatment of impotence and sexual diseases. Due to lack of knowledge people fall prey to fake doctors who cheat them in treating these diseases. You can see significant improvement in these problems by drinking aloe vera juice.

For Pimples and Boils –

Some people particularly children suffer from boils. They get regular recurring boils on the face and other body parts. Adolescents and teens suffer from pimples due to which their skin blackens. Pimples and boils can effectively be treated if you drink aloe vera juice regularly.

For Skin Diseases –

When there is an increase in acid level in the blood then you can get skin diseases like itchy skin, eczema etc. As we discussed earlier aloe vera purifies the blood so it helps to fight various skin diseases. Applying aloe vera juice on the affected skin and drinking the juice daily for a week will cure the skin problems.

For Ear Pain –

Many times children and elders face ear pain and sometimes ear discharge which can cause great distress. In such a case, you can put 3-4 aloe vera juice in the infected ear and the pain and discharge will stop after some time.

For Bad Breathe –

For some people bad breathe is a problem. The bad breathing problem is more for them in the morning. If you face such a problem then you can apply aloe vera juice to the teeth and tongue and rinse your mouth after some time. You will notice the bad breathe problem will perish after a week.

For Pyorrhea

Aloe vera will be an effective remedy for those who have gum problem and pyorrhea. Massaging your teeth and gums aloe vera juice and rinsing the mouth with the same for 3-4 days will prove effective. Using aloe vera will solve the other problems associated with your tooth.

For Stomach Ulcers –

Aloe vera is useful to people having a wound or ulcer inside the stomach. You can consume aloe vera juice empty stomach to heal these ulcers.

Uses as Detox Juice –

Benefits of aloe vera for the whole body as a detoxifying juice. Many unwanted substances are produced in the human body as a result of various chemical processes. These substances if not eliminated can cause harm to the body. Aloe vera juice is referred to as detox juice as it purifies the body and acts as a detoxifying agent.

For Fair Skin and Skin Dryness-

Many people have dry skin so as they scratch the skin it becomes white. Such people and those who want fair skin spend money on expensive lotions and creams. For those people, aloe vera is a miracle as it can solve the problems. Dry skin problem is solved as aloe vera retains the moisture also it can bring a glow to the skin.

The process of preparing aloe vera Juice at home –

If you are short of time you can buy the aloe vera juice from the markets. The juice sold in the market contains chemicals as it is needed to preserve them for a longer time. So it is not advisable to use such a juice. You can plant aloe vera plant in your home backyard or balcony and pluck the fresh leaves for extracting juice. You get a pulp by removing the skin with a knife then cut this pulp in small pieces. Grind the pieces with some water in the home mixer and you can get your fresh aloe vera juice ready. So you have read some amazing benefits of aloe vera so use it daily and remain healthy and fit.

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